Islamic Art School


In recent years, there has been increased interest in Islamic art in general and Islamic geometric patterns in particular. This beautiful and fascinating art is fast gaining popularity all over the world.

Islamic Geometric Pattern School is born from the popular and increasing demand to learn Islamic Art. This platform strives to teach the original methods and skills used by old master craftsmen to produce masterpieces of Islamic

The school strives to preserve the teaching of the original methods and skills used by old master craftsmen to produce various masterpieces of Islamic Art. Our goal is to make the school a focal point and a centre for learning these skills.

The school will produce several courses in these fields:

  • Several course in Islamic Geometric Patterns, for beginners, advanced and comprehensive courses.

  • Tezhip (Islamic floral illumination) Ottoman, Persian and Rumi styles.

  • Arabic calligraphy in different scripts.

  • Sizing raw paper, the old traditional way to prepare paper for calligraphy and illumination.

  • Sizing raw silk and dying, the old traditional way to prepare silk for calligraphy and illumination.

  • Course in geometric ribbons weaving.

  • Course in Turkish Ebru Art (Marbling).


And many other courses presented by experts in these fields.

Mohamad Aljanabi


“İslami geometri alanında geleneksel yöntemi her ayrıntısıyla öğreten bir eğitim seti, ben tezhip sanatçısıyım ve eserlerime uyguladığım geometrik desenlerin altyapısını bilerek tasarım ve uygulama yapmamda çok yardımcı oldu. İstifade ettim, Hocama teşekkür ederim.”

Tezhip Sanatçısıyım, Islamic Illumination Artist

Zeynep Bilgin

“Naile Hajjar was and still one of my outstanding students. Because she is a mathematician, her questions were different than other students. Her quest was to understand the most intricate details of Islamic Geometric Patterns. Not only that, Naile took it on herself to transfer her knowledge and experience to others through this wonderful platform she created. This website also indicates very clearly that Naile is a distinguished artist as well. She is more than capable of running successful teaching courses. I wish her the best of luck in her mission.”


Naile Hajjar

“Hacer Topbaş Jamini is one of my distinguished students. She took her time to produce very elegant artwork. Also, she is well experienced in teaching “Tazhep”, “Mandala” art, and Islamic Geometric Patterns for a long time. Having good experience in three different art forms, give Hacer a wide perspective on these three art forms and produce artwork of her own style. The samples of Hacer work on this website are clear evidence of her artistic capability and long experience. I wish you the best of luck and success in your mission.”